United Bank Africa (UBA)
Plot. 2, Jinja Road, Kampala, Uganda.
phone +256 7072 94255.

We officially notify you about the present arrangement to pay your
overdue Winning Prize/inheritance fund which you could not complete the
process of the release of your transfer pin code through the Digitized
Payment System. and you have spent a lot of money and a lot of time you
sending money to different people just to make sure you receive your
fund and after set and done you received nothing.

We have decided to pay your funds through (ATM VISA Card) This
arrangement was initiated/constituted by the I.M.F,
United Nations FROM Uganda, due to fraudulent activities going on
within the world.

The United Nations, and East Africa introduced this payment
arrangement to enable our Contract, Winning Prize, inheritance
beneficiary to receive their fund without any interference. The ATM
VISA Card was contracted and powered by GOLD CARD WORLD WIDE. The ATM
VISA CARD is credited with the sum of US$4.5 Million it is
already loaded in the Master Card which you can use to access your
fund in any ATM Stand/location worldwide and remember that the maximum
withdrawal daily limit is Ten Thousand (US $10,000.00)we have
concluded delivery arrangement with the below courier services
companies and their delivery time is stated below.

DHL= 24 hrs delivery /$195.00

FedEx Express Tow days delivery =7hrs/$155.00

UPS= Three days delivery hrs/$85.00

Once it gets to us, the package will be delivered to your destination.

Kindly state in your response to this text and let me know which
courier company you would want us to use for the
shipment of your ATM VISA Card to you.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Elvis Morris