Rev Fr Herbert Res sink/ Greetings to you in the name of our lords

Greetings to you in the name of our lord,

I am Rev Herbert Reesink a Priest in Vatican city, i want you to do a work for me for this is my last wish. I have made out an ATM Master Card on your name worth of $5.1Million, i want you to distribute part of it to the less
privileged people across the globe for i have made a mistake that will cost me my life as a matter of fact.

The Pope has sent me on humanitarian trip to Africa several times, on certain occasion, i met a group of diamond business men who asked me to use part of the humanitarian money to execute diamond business with them and that i can return the money to the church funds after the conclusion, i executed the transaction with them and at the end of several transaction, i retain this sum of $5.1Million, they helped me and open an account there in Africa where i lodged the funds.

Now they have started hunting me and blackmailing that if i don’t give them this money that they will implicate me to the Vatican that i run a personal account and that i am using the church funds made for humanitarian jobs to run personal business, they persuaded me to help now they have taken an
advantage of me, If i try to pay them any ransom they will end up asking me to provide church funds which they know that i have access to, i will not live to face this shame so please, do what i said with part of this money and use part to take care of your family/business.

I know that i will not live to bear this shame but as for them, they remain cursed. I can never allow them touch that money that’s why i have made out ATM Card. on your name and have also written letter of authority enabling you to use the funds without problem and to protect you from the law.

I have handed the Atm Master Card, and letter of authority to the
Director of Air & Sea Courier Service, Rev Fr, Pj sexton, contact him with your address and pick it up, don’t ever reveal what happened to me or this letter.

Contact persons:

Rev. Sister Mary J Avon.
Rev Fr, Pj sexton

E-mail Address:(

Do not tell the Courier company what happened to me because if they hear this story, they will try to sit on the money. May the Lord be with you as you do this job.

Rev Herbert Reesink
Rev Fr Herbert Res sink/ Greetings to you in the name of our lord,