Re: I look forward to hear from you

Hello my good friend and partner. How is your family? Sorry I could not write to you for a few years now after our first conversation. This is because I was hospitalized for over two years in the UK. I am strong now and I still want to present you and your company as the contractor/beneficiary of the $1.6 Billion, since I cannot lay claim to it as a public officer or servant. You know we are monitored and followed around by government financial security agencies here and cannot receive funds with my name without being questioned.

Most importantly, if you can handle this I will process and send you all contract awards, contract completion, payment authorization and confirmation documents . I will also give you all details needed to either contact the bank or visit the bank for claim/clearance.

Indicate your interest by sending me your direct telephone number, official names and address for better communication and confidence.

Note: this transaction is risk free and must be between us. At the completion of the transfer into your bank account, you will take 35% , 55% for me and 10% for payment of taxes or other expenses incurred during the process.

Please get back to me instead of keeping me waiting.

Dr. Yusuf Abubakar Argungu
(Director of procurement)
Federal ministry of works.
Wuse Zone 2 Abuja