Please Read & Let Your Conscience Guide You.


I have not considered this medium to be the best manner to have approached you of this issue being that the internet has been greatly abused over the recent years, I have decided to use this means seeing no other means could have been faster to reach you than the e-mail. My name is Richard Wyre, retired businessman on sick bed. I will be 81 years on the 7th of Dec 2023 hoping to celebrate my birthday alive before joining my ancestors. I have suffered series of illness and life is indeed nothing for aged & sick men. The world itself doesn’t belong to anyone as people depart from the earth leaving everything they achieved behind without overseeing it afterwards. My investments and achievements over the years were sold since I cannot longer manage it, my only daughter married Australian they hardly care about me and my beloved wife died in COVID-19. I have sowed funds to hospitals for constant medical care to sick, poor people. Now, I decided to setup orphanage home with my stocked funds totaling $36.8 million, I strongly believe you can handle it because it is my last wish on earth which you must execute properly to help all the needy within and outside your community. It must be a very big orphanage home that you will setup with the $36.8M making sure every orphan is well taken care off. May God open your Spiritual eye. get back with these details.

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Richard Seng