My name is Mr,Hong Soon Hwan

My name is Mr,Hong Soon Hwan Senior Manager of Kookmin Bank of Cambodia ( KB) Asia Banking Corporation Limited Asia.I am a 57 years old man, married with three children, I have a very urgent confidential and profitable business for both of us Valued at $10,700,000.USD (Ten Million, Seven Hundred Thousand United States dollars)

I contacted you for a reason one of my late customers has the same name as yours. He died 6 years ago and left $10,700,000.USD In his account, Since then no relatives have come to claim his money, I think we can work things out.

Please contact me immediately you receive this email so that I will give you more details about the transaction.If we could do this together, we shall share these funds 50/50 between us accordingly and this transaction is 100% risk-free, as no-risk is involved during or after this transaction.

Thanks for your kind understanding,I will be waiting for your urgent reply.

Best Regards,

Mr Hong Soon Hwan