Investment in Equity & Trust Capital


During my years working with premier financial management firms in the United Kingdom, the majority of our high-net-worth clients have put their trust in me. I now have two non-European clients with funds available for investment, either in the form of shares or a loan.

The sectors listed below should be considered for investment. Real
estate, oil and gas, agricultural, health, aviation, tourism, retail,
construction, information and communications technology, technology, education, energy, engineering, utilities, telecommunications, mining, Maritime, renewable energy, and a myriad of other lucrative ventures
Beneficiaries must demonstrate their ability to manage huge sums of money and have a business strategy.

The investor must be able to expect high and consistent annual returns on investment from the beneficiary. This is your opportunity, whether you are an individual or a firm, to grow your current business or adopt new ideas. contact me on

Mr. Richard C. Edward