I hacked you and stole your information and photos.


I regret to inform you that there has been a security breach involving the devices you use for internet browsing.

Several months ago, unauthorized access was gained to these devices, allowing me to monitor your internet activity. Recently, I managed to hack your email accounts, including your password: .

Furthermore, a Trojan virus has been installed on all devices you use to access email. This was made possible due to your clicking on links from emails in your mailbox, which facilitated my penetration into your systems. Through this malicious software, I gained access to various features of your devices, such as the microphone, video camera, and keyboard. Additionally, I extracted and stored your personal information, data, photos, and web browsing history on my servers. Moreover, I gained access to your messengers, social networks, email, chat history, and contact list.

To remain undetected, my virus continuously updates its signatures, making it invisible to antivirus software.

During my investigation, I discovered that you frequently visit adult websites and view explicit content. I managed to record your intimate moments and create a montage showcasing them. If you doubt the authenticity of my claims, I can easily share these videos with your friends, colleagues, and relatives, or even make them publicly accessible.

I am convinced that it is in your best interest to prevent the disclosure of this information, given the potential consequences. Therefore, I propose the following solution: transfer $500 USD to my Bitcoin wallet (details provided below), based on the exchange rate at the time of the transaction. After the transfer is completed, all compromising information will be immediately deleted. After this, I will deactivate and remove the malicious software from your devices.

You can be assured that I will uphold my end of the agreement.

Bitcoin wallet:  3Hgwgtbx977giWb6bdR5Y8NhN8gYWxuYUe

You have 48 hours. As soon as you open this email, I will receive a notification, and from that moment on, the countdown begins.

If you’ve never dealt with cryptocurrencies before, it’s quite simple. Just type “cryptocurrency exchange” into a search engine, and you’re good to go.

Please refrain from the following actions:

  • Replying to this email, as it was created in your mailbox and contains the sender’s address.
  • Contacting the police or other security services. Discussing this situation with friends may lead to immediate public disclosure of the videos.
  • Attempting to identify me. All cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous.
  • Reinstalling the operating system or disposing of devices, as the videos are already stored on remote servers.

You need not worry about the following:

  • Receiving your funds transfer. My malicious program continuously monitors your actions.
  • Disseminating your videos after the funds transfer is completed. I have no intention of complicating your life further.

Finally, I strongly advise you to avoid similar situations in the future. Regularly change all your passwords to enhance online security.