Greetings From Me

I got your contact in my search for a trustworthy and reliable partner for a business transaction, I contacted you so that we can work together for the benefit of our future, there is a product our company purchase in Ukraine on a high price But due to the War in Ukraine our company can not get it again, but in my search i found out that the same product is sold in the USA at a lower price and I do not want to release this company contact to our company CEO because of my interest in this transaction.

i am contacting because i want you to be an intermediary between the company in USA and our company here in UK,so that you can negotiate with the company in america for the product, so immediately after the purchase by our company here in the UK, then you will get our commission from the USA company, i want you to contact this company and discuss with them on their price and have a good MOU With them.

Get back to me for more details so that i can give you the contact of the company in America, so  that after you discuss with the company in america i will also give you the contact of our company here in UK, so that you can link our company and the USA company together, then after our company purchase the goods from them,  you will then get our commission from the company in USA, i just want you to be a middle person between our company and the company in USA so that after the transaction you can get our commission from that company in USA, because our company purchase this product in large quantity.

Waiting for your response


Mr. Artem Otto