Dear Sir/Mrs./Miss,

My name is Madam Grace Williams,

I am Sorry for emphasizing your privacy email address here online because we haven’t met before.

How are you doing? If you have a minute I would like to discuss a vital proposal with you for your kind consideration.

I have a fund worth €8,500,000.00 million Euro, belonging to my late husband.
I need the cooperation of your assistant to make the fund transfers to you.

I want you to present yourself as my trustee to receive the fund.
I want you to use this fund for charity, according to the wish of my
late husband and myself, to help disadvantaged people and orphanages.
I cannot do this myself due to my failing health.

All the charges for the process i Madam Grace Williams will pay for it so don’t be afraid of any expense do understand?

I have my reason for making this decision.
If you are willing to help answer me.
Please contact me back at your earliest convenience.

Thank you and please stay safe.

With Warm Regards
Madam Grace Williams.