Dr. Amanada HO

Nice meeting you, my name is Dr. Amanda Ho. I’m one of the medical directors of the presidency here in China. I have been searching for a reasonable and responsible person in your country because currently your country is fast developing in economy and infrastructure, I want to buy property and also invest more on real estate, this has to be confidential because of the huge investment and security of my job, I need a local partner in your country who will stand in for me. When I saw your profile my spirit accepted to work with you. This investment is lucrative and is going to be profitable in all ramifications, if we can put heads together in working out the modalities.

Indicate your willingness to be part of this positive venture and I will inform you on how we will go about it using my foreign bank account and the help of my account officer who is an Investor financial director in the bank, we can be communicating through this my personal email address, calls and visit will be done by my account officer, you know, due to our sensitive position here as a medical directors our calls and local financial transactions are been monitored.

As long as you will be sincere and transparent in this investment I will compensate you with 20% of the cost of any property and other ones I may invest on, I might also write my bank instructing them to add you as a signatory to my account, that you are my partner for easy and safe transactions, we are to sign an MOU before any thing will be done, get back to me let me send you the drafted MOU for you to go through, copy of my passport, details of my account and the contact details of my bank for you to contact them as my partner, from there we can proceed with the purchase.


Dr. Amanda.