Dear friend,

First and foremost, I apologize that using this medium which has been greatly abused to reach you for a transaction/business of this magnitude will not in any way contravene your ethics of better judgment.

I am Mr. Tunde Johnson, the personal account officer to Mr. Karl Helmut Simmroth., an American who was a Reputable Real Estate Company (C.E.O) here in Nigeria, who shall be referred to as my client. Unfortunately, my client Lost his life in April 2019 from Coronavirus related causes, he left no clear beneficiary as Next of Kin except some vital documents related to the deposit still with me.

All efforts by me to trace his family via the United States Embassy here proved abortive because he has lived here for so many years and thus did not make any will prior to his death. Since then, I have made several Inquiries to locate any of his extended relatives and this has proved unsuccessful. After my several unsuccessful attempts to locate any member of his family this is why I am contacting you being an American.

I am contacting you to assist in claiming the money left behind by my client before they get confiscated or declared unclaimed by my firm where his funds are deposited. Consequent upon this, my idea is that we can have a deal / agreement and I am going to do this legally with your name as the beneficiary of the bona fide Amount in question as I have legal documents to back our all claim.

Thank you.

Mr. Tunde Johnson.