Attn: Beneficiary Owner,

Attn: Beneficiary Owner, Your package is ready to be delivered to you Now, We Wish to inform you that our Diplomatic agent conveying your consignment box valued the sum of $2.9 Million United States Dollars misplaced your address, you are required
to Reconfirm the following information’s below so that he can proceed and deliver your Consignment box to you immediately Today, Your urgent attention is
needed immediately you receive this massage so that he will proceed to hand over your package to you immediately and return back asap,

You have to reconfirm your delivery address to him bellow for him to be able to deliver your package Today,

Your Full Name:….
Your Country:……
Your Direct Telephone Numbers:…..
Your Nearest airport:…..
Your Home Address:…..
Your Occupation:…..
Your age/sex:………..

You have to contact the diplomatic agent MArk Gilks, with his email Address here (
with the information’s required so that he will deliver your package to you asap. he is waiting to hear from you today with the information’s to bring your Consignment box to your doorstep. And Try to indicate this CODES to the Diplomat because it will prove that you are the rightful person that owns the Package.

B) THE SECURITY CODE CONSIGNMENT BOX: ez/85t/kab/2022/color: silver

That Diplomat agent Mark Gilks did not know the content of The
consignment box contains a huge amount of money which is $2.9 Million United States Dollars and on No circumstances should you let him be at peril with the Consignment box Contains such amount till you receive your package, The consignments were moved from here as family Treasures to deliver it to the motherless baby home,

Best Regards,
Mr. John Ronald.