My dear friend,
How are you doing?
I am so sorry barging into your privacy, but its not by accident mailing you,but by coincidence, and of which it will be a great benefit to you alright, Meanwhile,We wish to know from you if you are able to handle an uncompleted contract sum of $85 Million Dollars and round it up in due agreed schedule time?reasons are, the other contractor wasn’t able to complete the contract as was agreed,right now, we are on investigation with the other contractor who have failed to comply as agreed,
Kindly indicate to us and let’s commence on the contract,The contract is about you building and investing the money into a business in your country,you will run the business for Five years, after five years, you will extend the business to another country and establish there too, but note that one of our officials will come to seat with you in your country for mutual understanding and business investment benefit.Right now, with this progressive project to commence,
kindly provide your details as follows okay,

Your full name————-
Your home address—————-
Your office address——————–
Your office phone number————–
Your private mobile phone number————
Your date of birth—————————–
Your driver’s license or international passport photo copy —


Chief Sir Tony Tallman,
Committee Secretary.
HELLO — (+234-8152-025-285)