Attn: Plz,

Royal bank of canada managements will hereby inform you that this bank will be doing our end of year final audit for the year 2023 and any foreign customer that is not ready to claim his of her fund will be confiscated and transfer to the united nations treasury account as unclaimed bill and will be used for Gaza strip and Ukraine for humanitarian assistance.

You have within the next 3 working days to send the fee or your fund will be confiscated at the end of 2023 by the world bank and united nations and hand over the file of your fund to the united nations humanitarian dept to be used for Gaza strip and Ukraine.
Your urgent response in sending the outstanding fee is very important to enable this bank to negotiate on your behalf and transfer your fund into your bank account but if you fail consider your fund confiscated.

Thank you, for banking with us.
Mr.Morris Fisher (Bank Manager)
Head of Foreign Operations & Auditing
For RBC Management.